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What is CryoPen™?

CryoPen™ is an innovation in Cryotherapy. Skin Tags, Milia, Cherry Angiomas, Age Spots, Warts and Verrucas – all treated quickly and painlessly.

Not to be confused with traditional cryotherapy, it eliminates the use of liquid nitrogen making treatment virtually painless, quick, effective, and safe enough to use on children. It is an ideal solution for removal of skin lesions and imperfections. Procedures usually take just 5 to 25 seconds, so you can be in and out of the clinic quickly.

The CryoPen™ emits a pressurised, super fine jet of nitrous oxide from its tip, which allows our clinician to work with precision that is millimeter perfect. The tissue is destroyed by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, this forms ice crystals which break the cell membrane, thereby destroying the tissue we are wanting to remove. That means that healthy tissue remains untouched. It’s so incredibly accurate and practical. Cosmetic procedures such as skin tags, millia and cherry angiomas are no longer treatable as a standard NHS procedure. With the CryoPen™ you can now have these treatments affordably in our clinic.

Why CryoPen™?

What it treats

Aesthetics & Advanced Skin Treatments

Treatments start at £50

Your session cost includes the treatment of your first lesion but a final cost will be based up on consultation. Please see below for general guidelines on what we will be able to treat for the consultation price during one session.

Skin Tags:

Up to 2 small skin tags: £50
Up to 4 small skin tags: £75
Up to 7 small skin tags: £100

More than 7 will need to be done over multiple appointments and charged accordingly.

Larger skin tags (anything larger than 4mm) are much more likely to require more than one session.

Milia and Cherry Angiomas:

1 - 7: £50

More than 7 will need to be done over multiple appointments and charged accordingly.

Age Spots:

1 - 5 small age spots of around 3mm: £50

More than 5 will need to be done over multiple appointments and charged accordingly.


Larger spots of pigmentation are far more likely to require multiple sessions.

Warts and Verrucae:

1 Wart or Verrucae: £75 (1st session)
Subsequent sessions: £35

Multiples Warts of Verrucae will require a price upon consultation but as a general guide depending on size we discount each lesion at up to 50%.

Warts and Verrucae are incredibly stubborn, you may find that some can disappear with one treatments, some take up to 3 and some may require a visit to your GP. We will only ever perform 3 treatments.

"Before and after of Pigmentation/Age Spots"
“Before and after of pigmentation"
“Before and after of skin tags"