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Full Face and Neck: £200
Course of 3: £525

Forehead and Eye area: £125
Course of 3: £325

Lip and Mouth: £125
Course of 3: £325

Neck: £125
Course of 3: £325

Body: Price based upon consultation

Fusion Microneedling and Fractional Mesotherapy

What can it do for you?

Treatment Explained

Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy combines two concepts, the first being advance collagen stimulation therapy and the second Mesotherapy; the introduction of traditional pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, biomimetic peptides, and amino acids into the skin to target specific conditions.

Skin Needling or Collagen stimulation or Collagen Induction Therapy as it is also known, has long been a popular and effective treatment. Although it was originally performed via a dermaroller in recent years advancements have progressed from a hand held device to an electronic device that offers not only superior results but has also resulted in an increase in comfort for the individual receiving the treatment.

It is important to remember that not all practitioners offering electronic skin needling treatments are performing a Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy treatment. Fusion Fractional Mesotherapy is a specialist treatment undertaken by practitioners that have specialist knowledge and training in Mesotherapy, providing the skill and ability to treat each client’s individual condition, resulting in the best possible outcome.

The Fusion Mesotherapy products that are used within the treatments are of the highest quality, and contain the most advanced ingredients, and unique formulas. When Fusion Mesotherapy is combined with collagen stimulation, the results supersede standard dermal roller or electronic needling results. Why? Because having a true and in-depth understanding of each client’s skin, flexibility to treat multiple conditions at the same time, the knowledge of how to use most advanced products, coupled with a superior device, provides us with the ability to reach and meet expectations overtime through our advanced treatment plans.


We recommend that you are booked in for a consultation two weeks before you are thinking of having this treatment so that we may ascertain suitability for treatment, where necessary discuss alternative treatments that may meet your needs and ensure you are on the correct products to prep your skin for this treatment. We strongly recommend a course and the use of correct, pharmaceutically graded homecare for best results.

Our Treatments

Fusion Microneedling and Mestherapy is the most advanced, results driven treatment that we offer. We have built our treatments to incorporate what we believe will obtain the best results for your concerns and all of our Fusion treatments include the below as standard: